Quarter Life Crisis

Now this is assuming I’ll live until 108 but I feel like we’re all going to experience these feelings at some point or another throughout out lives.

  1. Every day that struggle with that weird concept of being a twenty-something vs. being an adult – like technically I am an adult but I’m also not (life is hard, man)
  2. Relentlessly chop and changing between the internal war of building that career vs. going overseas to explore the world. The indecisiveness can be bloody crippling!
  3. Making a budget (weekly/monthly or otherwise) is completely unbearable and debilitating… Spreadsheets at the ready mate!
  4. Feeling the urge to go back to school or take a class on something that you feign a teeny bit of interest in because work life…meh!
  5. Questioning the direction of your life and then beginning to second guess every decision you ever made #noregrets (except the tattoo on my neck LOL)
  6. Never staying in because FOMO but when you do go out spending the night ranting at how young the people are in the bar or nightclub, “These people are like, 12”. Or getting highly intoxicated and forgetting your not a millionaire. Shots for everyone!!
  7. Giving out unsolicited advice to younger people because you know, you are so much wiser than they are, especially the youngsters in the bar (or my poor sister who I will continue to throw advice forever, aha!) and lets be honest, they all have their shit together more than me anyway!
  8. Getting annoyed when getting asked for ID but get offended when you don’t -‘what?!?! my crows feet are showing? I look old? Pls just ID me sir, I want to be young again’
  9. You’re reading this post right now because you’ve searched: “Quarter Life Crisis?”
  10. You’re arguing about things that your parents used to argue with you about.
  11. You legitimately want to cry when you think of how much an absolute s**t you were growing up and how well your parents dealt with it. My mam is honestly a saint after all I put her through (soz mam)
  12. You look at dating as an activity you have to do to kill time. But then you fall prey to it, and the pain of unrequited love just adds to your depressive state. Learn to love being content by yourself though and everything else is a bonus!
  13. You won’t drink for weeks on end and then will randomly black out after 5 drinks (doubles, mind you ;))
  14. You can’t seem to shake the hangover as fast as you used to, but you can try my tried and tested methods… Hangover, Go fuck yourself!
  15. You wear your hair in a hun bun bet with the dry shampoo five out of seven days of the week – sometimes I’ll wash just my fringe to give the illusion my hair isn’t disgusting
  16. You are much more selective about who you keep in your close circle.
  17. You suddenly realize that you’re on the wrong side of 25 and you ain’t getting any younger.

The thing is your quarter-life crisis is just a terrible phase—but that’s just it, it is a phase, don’t worry, it’ll pass (or so I’ve been told). There is no timeline to success, so don’t rush. The grass may look greener on the other side, but listen mate try water your own grass and you’ll see your’s can be just as green.

And remember… The world doesn’t seem that scary when you know you have good friends, self belief and daycent whiskey!

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