Bad Dates – Pt. 2

As an independent woman in my (early) late 20s, dating is tough. Like excuse the french but it is fucking exhausting. It’s bad enough that I’m awkward, introverted and a little bit weird. Mix that together with a dating life and it all goes tits up. I’ve been single a while, a lonnng while so I’ve had some pretty… interesting experiences. What better way to get over them than to share them with you lot! I’ll start off with one that wasn’t so bad..

Soo I’ll start with the bloke I had met through college, we will call him Mr. X. Anyway, to begin with he was/is a pretty decent person, I’m not here to bash any of these men fyi. We are completely different people, Mr. X really loud, over powering and we had nothing in common (not that I got a chance to get a word in edge-ways).

On to the date, we went to a bar in the City Center “The Living Room” (this place reoccurs in a few of my dates). It’s a sport bar type place that has music etc. I actually think it can be pretty decent spot when you catch it on the right night. So we had met up before and got a taxi together, getting on fine no issues yet. The drinks started flowing then it started to get awkward. The conversation had become a little forced, clearly no connection which is totally fine.

So my phone was on the table (I know, rudeee on my part) but I didn’t have a bag, just my phone and purse. A message popped up so my phone lit up and the screensaver was of me and my sister. So a couple of things to keep in mind, I’m fatter than my sister and at the time I had hair that was almost pixie length short. There was no hope in hell that anyone would ever think I was my sister. So back to the phone lighting up, Mr. X looked at it for a few seconds and said, “wow, you’re much better looking with long hair” L O fucking L.

So I kind of scoffed and just said “oh you mean my sister”, (which tbh is a bloody stunner), not that Mr. X didn’t already know it was not me he was referring to. It got super duper awks after that. I took a gulp of my drink and finished the date pretty swiftly. After I got home, he text to say ‘I had a great time, would you like to do it again?’.

Ugh no, thanks! Mr. X – not a bad guy but was clearly delusional to think it went well. The silver lining me and my sister had a good laugh about it afterwards.

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