Bad Dates – Pt. 1

A tall tale, not quite… This ol’ kidder was absolutely shocking. So this shit show started off how most potentials do these days… online.

He added me on Facebook and for some reason or another I accepted him (never usually accept anyone on there, even some family members… you know the one’s ;-)) Anyway, after chatting shit for a few weeks I agreed to meet with this lad for a coffee. You know the easiest sort of date in the most public of places so it wouldn’t be awkward and there can be no surprises like he would be less likely to murder me!!. After all I need all the help I can get in the dating game!

So fast forward to the actual date, he arrived and I just didn’t even know who he was, like the face was the a give away it was him (kind of) but nothing else!!!!!! I mean, I’m not a height-ist but this eejit claimed to be taller than me; he was like maybe hitting my shoulder at best. He also claimed to be 26, he was 19.

All of this would have been well and good if he had of been honest about it. Well okay, the age thing would have been a hell to the no.

But still i basically got CATFISHED… sort of!!

What I took from this, ask for a copy of the birth cert prior to any date. LOL, no really!!!

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