16 Things I Wish My 16y/o Self Had Know…

To begin… YES, that is me in the header picture. a. there was no such thing as doing your brows then & b. I swear my make-up and tan blended… it was the flash 😉 So without further ado, here is 16 things I wish I knew when I was 16…

  1. Guuurl, you ain’t fat. Stop hating yourself and wasting your life thinking you’re too fat to do things. You’re life can’t be defined by a number.
  2. Y’know the bloke you think you’re in love with? The one who you think no one else will compare to? The one who doesn’t get to know you properly or care about you?He’s isn’t worth you’re tears or your time.
  3. You’re going to get heartbroken! It could be a boy, a friend, someone in your famalam! You need to learn to cope and not turn wreckless.
  4. Stop trying to fit it – you’re allowed to be different. Do what you love and don’t worry what people think. Just be yourself because you are enough!!!
  5. Boy’s are gonna wanna get freaaakyyy with you. They’ll try slipping the hand in your knickers, the ol’ head push. If you’re not ready you don’t need to do shit but if you are that’s okay too. Just be sure and clued in! (dating older guy’s isn’t cool, its creepy on their part, seriously!)
  6. Trust your gut. Seriously. Intuition Jess, Intitution!
  7. Don’t let anyone who’s not a professional near your face with a tweezers. Period.
  8. People-pleasing is the quickest way to lose your self. Don’t let opinions or rejection have power over your instincts. Also you’re not a door mat, don’t act like one!
  9. Its okay to do things alone, if you wait for people to do what you want, you’ll never get where you want.
  10. Knowing your comfort zone is important, but…
  11. Don’t forget it’s good to do somethings that make you feel slightly uncomfortable. This helps you find things you’re passionate about. Change can be great, remember that!
  12. Learn about the law of attraction – your thoughts really do translate through to your actions.
  13. Downing a naggin of vodkova or a flagon of bulmers or both isn’t smart or cool. You don’t need it to have a good time. You’re actually pretty fun even when you’re not passing out drunk.
  14. Mam love’s you. Yeah you have to be home by 9.30pm and EVERYONE gets to stay out until 10.30pm on a school night. That’s totally because she want’s you to be a social pariah…NOT!! It’s because she worries!
  15. People will say mean things about you, even your best friends. It doesn’t mean its true or even that they don’t care about you. Don’t be sad, people will always say mean things, doesn’t mean they are bad or mean people. So, don’t let it get to you.
  16. These aren’t the best years of your life – not even close. So just enjoy it and be yourself.

PS. Don’t wear that blue eyeliner, just don’t!

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