My current situation… my room is a tip, I have yet to wash myself, I’m drinking warm Pepsi Max and I still need to do my pile-high washing for work, oh and did I mention its Sunday! Yes, I am the procrastination Queen – Bow Down before me active peasants.

I love procrastinating, I get things done that I usually procrastinate doing, like clean the house from top to bottom in a day. That changes though while actively avoiding studying insurance – I clean the house, build a time machine travel to the year 3000, where might I add nothing has changed but they live underwater LOL.

Some of my favourite things to do while procrastinating are…

  1. Making a list of everything I need to procrastinate doing – I love a good list
  2. Stalk insta accounts of my favourite plus size models (follow my blogs insta – I have like 10 followers @sundayswithjess)
  3. Deciding to organise my room, it should be decluttered immediately but then keeping everything in site – because I definitely need that printer under my bed that doesn’t work anymore, oh and then hideous shoes that still have the tag on them I will definitely wear them loads (oh yah, I’m a hoarder too)
  4. Try to have a full conversation through GIF’s on whatsapp (or Tinder LOL)
  5. Coming up with a weekly meal plans to lose some weight while chowing down on a share bag of meanies – doing this as I write is post (mmmm pickled onion)
  6. Building forts with my niece – because its actually not procrastinating if I’m doing it with my niece, right?
  7. Watching gaming videos – I don’t even own a games console (except a WII), how’s about that dead by daylight?
  8. Watch Netflix for 24 hours straight, I’ve actually done this – not even ashamed!
  9. Practice my autograph for when I become famous
  10. Squeeze my spots, that are under the skin, convince myself I can pop it and end up with a worse looking spot on my face
  11. Do some online shopping because of course I don’t that money to survive
  12. Nap – and by this I mean over nap wake up in 10 years and wonder where you life has gone. I do it all the time, its fun I promise
  13. Watching some porn and genuinely getting into the storyline
  14. Figure out the last minute I can start something and still get it done on time
  15. Watch every Harry Potter movie in one day – I do this far to often but its so worth it
  16. Paint my nails, realise I don’t like that colour, take it off, paint it another, then go back to the original colour
  17. Make playlists on Spotify of songs that I’m definitely gonna skip through when I listen to said playlist
  18. Talking utter shite – I do this on a daily basis, in work, on the bus (yep I am a bus wanker), at home, on the phone, on social media, on here…
  19. Reading my favourite blogs…
  20. And finally writing a blog about procrastinating and then procrastinate writing it

I do love a good procrastination sesh but in the words of Edward Young “Procrastination is the thief of time” , so don’t forget to get shit done!!!

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